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Pictures really do speak a thousand words and MyVideoDesigner allows you to create beautiful and compelling video emails in minutes - you don't need to be a programmer or designer. Create an email and custom design it with full color images, logos and banners - multiple color options allow you truly match your brand image.


MyVideoBroadcaster is the most powerful LIVE web broadcast product ever released - yet it's so intuitive a child can use it. Run live video presentations and meetings with features that blow the competition out of the water. All video broadcasts can be custom branded with your own logo, banner and brand color. This technology is life-changing.


MyVideoChannel allows you to easily create custom content. Video is the most powerful communication medium on the planet. Get your personal or business message out to your target audience, with no competition or third party advertisers popping up. Your own private video channel on the web to showcase your content.

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A Message From Our Founders

Mel and Amie Gill

Mel and Amie Gill entered the Direct Selling Industry in 1989, when the industry had not yet hit critical mass. At that time, they were a newly-married young couple going to college and deciding on their career paths. Mel's family had a very successful restaurant business in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mel was managing one of the newest operations while he and Amie had a newborn who was only 3 months old at the time.

On a very momentous day in November 1989, they were introduced to the Direct Selling Industry. They saw the vision of what this industry could offer in terms of time freedom and decided to go full force. This led to unprecedented recognition in the industry at an early age. Their local business soon took them global, experiencing huge success with stellar businessgrowth in Australia, Thailand, Japan, and Canada. Having their own lucrative international business in their early twenties was the springboard for further global success in Europe and Asia.

This ultimately became the foundation to what happened in October 2002 when they became owners of their own global Direct Selling company.

Mel and Amie just celebrated 21 years of full-time success in the Direct Sales Industry. Mel and Amie are passionate about this industry for what their accomplishments have created. Not just for themselves, but for so many people across the globe. They currently reside back in their hometown locale of the San Francisco Bay Area with their 3 children. They travel back and forth globally to oversee all operations with company business being a passion they love. Mel and Amie's passion is the driving force behind the company and the future direction of growth. The company is perfectly positioned in the Direct Selling industry; with the foundation and expertise of the ownership coupled with the impeccable track record of the company, it is poised for incredible growth now and into the future.